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What to Expect During a Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a system of healing wherein the practitioner channels healing energy for the “I am” source.  Anyone can use healing energies but Reiki is unique in that it requires an “attunement” in order for the facilitator of the healing process to be able to direct the energy.  For some people, Reiki Treatments are very subtle, for others they are quite profound experiences.  Reiki treatments are always enlightening.  Reiki can do no harm.  During a treatment, one simply sits or lies down and assumes a relaxed state in order to increase the efficacy of the healing.  The receiver does not need to anything at all.  The practitioner will work the healing by directing Reiki energy into the auric field or into the body.  The practitioner may at times physically touch the body and at other times will leave his or her hands a few inches above the body.