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Metta Meditation

May I be safe from inner and outer harm.

  May I be happy and peaceful.

  May I be healthy and strong.

  May I care for myself, joyfully.


The historical Buddha provided to the world several forms of "Metta Meditation."  Metta has been translated as the meditation on loving-kindness or compassion.  Practicing "Metta" allows one to engage in active forgiveness, self-love and love of others.  To practice Metta, one begins with "self," and progressively moves through all 7 levels of metta.  Some feel it is best to only use those for whom a platonic (i.e. non-romantic) energy is felt while practicing at all levels. These levels can be practiced in the same "sit," or on some other schedule.  Some people have assigned certain days of the week to practice each level.  Some will stay on level 1 for quite some time.  Trust your intuition on how to practice for yourself or seek the guidance of a wise and trusted person (such as a Buddhist monk, nun or other more enlightened teacher).  Any practice of Metta will bring many blessings.

 To obtain a handout with easy to follow instructions on how to practice Metta Mediation, click here. Although I wrote this handout, the meditations belong to the world and are shared freely.  Please share these with anyone with whom you choose.

May your practice be joyful and may you have every blessing in the light.

Elena Maria

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