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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are you really reading my palm or are you getting your information some other way?A: I am really reading your palm.You can think of palm reading as an interpretation of the language of the palm into English.


Q: Is it better to get a palm reading or a tarot reading?A: The type of reading may depend on the question(s) being asked.However, in my opinion it is best to start with a palm reading.


Q: What should I be doing during a reading?A: During a palm reading it is best to remain open, calm, and attentive.Listen from your heart chakra.During a tarot reading, it is very important while shuffling the cards to be well-grounded and to concentrate firmly on the question being asked.Relax.


Q: How long do most palm readings take?A: A full reading generally takes about an hour and a half.However, most readings usually go for about an hour.


Q: How often should I have a reading?A: That depends on you and what kind of information / advice you are looking for.Some people ask for consultation several times a week, for others itís a one-time experience.What we know is that the lines of the palm are constantly changing.As people grow, learn and change, - the lines on the hand change.Come for a reading when you "feel" you would benefit from one.


Q: Can I take notes during a reading?A: Of course you can.However, it may be better to ask that the reading be taped so that you can focus on the reading rather than on the note taking.